New Zealand Touring Maps - North and South Island Bundle

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North and South Island  New Zealand Touring Maps

New Zealand has so much to offer some of it well known but much more that is not so well known, unless you meander the highways and byways of this beautiful country.

This map uses the theme of the metro or underground maps of cities to travel around the country. Each route follows one of the themed highways of New Zealand - tried and tested routes to get the best of the country. You could use this as a guide to your itinerary and it may help you experience the best of New Zealand - the ultimate New Zealand bucket list. With so many things to see and do on each route, it may be hard to decide on a route when planning a road trip!

The North Island themed highways include: 

  • The Thermal Explorer
  • The Western Bays Highway
  • The Classic New Zealand  Wine Trail
  • The Forgotten World Highway
  • The Pacific Coast Highway
  • The Volcanic Loop
  • The Tasman Explorer Route
  • The Twin Coast Discovery Highway
  • Surf Highway 45


The South Island themed highways include: 

  • The Island Scenic 72 Route
  • Alpine Pacific Triangle
  • The Great Alpine Highway
  • Southern Scenic Route
  • West Coast Touring Route
  • Southern Heritage Route
  • Coastal Pacific Route
  • Alpine Traverse
  • Treasured Pathway


Each 'stop' represents one of the many attractions you may find in the area - some well known, others hidden gems only known to the locals! This is a great memento of your trip around New Zealand and perhaps a reasone to plan more trips around this beautiful country.

It’s fun, great looking and wonderfully informative.

Size: 42 x 59.4cm Will fit an A2 frame comfortably.

Printed on 250gsm high white Art paper


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