Marlborough Wine Underground - Series 2

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Marlborough Wine Underground

Early pioneers first planted grapes in the Marlborough region in 1873 in the ben Morven Valley. It wasn’t until the 1960s that major growth saw further vineyards established through the region. There was then a lull until grapes were again planted in 1973, despite stiff opposition from local farming and forestry interests. Wonderfully informative this map shows all the current winery cellar doors/tasting rooms that you can visit in the region. It would make a great addition to any home or office where people love their wines.

The Marlborough Wine Underground Map is perfect for discovering the wineries in New Zealand’s largest wine growing region.  This easy-to-view map presents each main road colour coded to make it easy to follow. The whole design is in the style of Harry Beck’s topological London underground map from 1931. The Wineries indicated all have open cellar doors/tasting rooms whether seasonal, all year round or by appointment.

This is a cool gift for the beginner, intermediate and expert wine enthusiasts.

The Marlborough wine growing region is the largest region in New Zealand.

Located on the north-east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Marlborough is one of New Zealand’s sunniest areas. The combination of a cool yet high sunshine climate, low rainfall and free-draining, moderately fertile soil produces uniquely vivid wines across a wide range of varieties and styles.

However, these bright, but relatively ‘cool’ climate conditions, are internationally renown for the iconic Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Sauvignon Blanc is the fuel behind New Zealand’s wine industry and Marlborough is now the largest wine growing region.

Marlborough, with over 23,000 hectares of vineyards accounts for over 60% of total vineyard area in the country. The region also produces over 70% of New Zealand wine. The majority of the vineyards are primarily located in the Wairau Valley. Over the last decade, the vineyards have spread southeast into the Awatere Valley. More recently expansion has seen vineyards planted along the southern side valleys of the Wairau – Fairhall, Hawkesbury, and Waihopai.

The region boasts over 140 registered wineries, 40 of which have open cellar doors where you can taste and buy. The Wine Underground map gives you an indication of where those cellar doors/tasting rooms are.

It’s fun, great looking and wonderfully informative. A very cool way to explore New Zealand’s ten wine growing districts.

Enjoy this great looking and wonderfully informative poster.

Size: 42 x 59.4cm Will fit an A2 frame comfortably.

Printed on 250gsm high white Art paper

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